Promoting cricket

Clubs and Institutions (educational institutions, corporate bodies) whose activity are wholly or in the majority related to playing cricket or developing the sport of cricket, can apply to become an affiliated member of Cricket Romania. However the club or the institution must be a legal body as recognised and called for under Romanian law.

In the event they are an informal but regular group of people playing cricket, then Cricket Romania could assist them in forming themselves into a legal body. For institutions, there needs to be a separate and identifiable body within the institution that is involved with the game of cricket – preferably playing – in order to apply for membership.

In order to apply for membership to Cricket Romania, applicants should fill in the membership application form and submit it to Cricket Romania by email to or by post to Cricket Romania 36 I.G.Duca Str., Room 2112, Otopeni, Ilfov county, 075100 As Cricket Romania works towards establishing the Romanian Cricket Federation, in the meantime it is the premier body for cricket in Romania and hence a membership of Cricket Romania by a club or institution will automatically have their membership transferred to the Federation when formed.

While members will benefit from its affiliation to Cricket Romania, they will equally be responsible for the development of cricket in Romania in terms of the National Development Plan. The details of the responsibilities and benefits are available in the Internal Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Cricket Romania. The relevant extract of this section may be seen in the attachment.

For further information please write to Cricket Romania at

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