Cricket is played with two teams (say A and B) normally of 11 players a side, one being the batting team while the other one is the fielding team. It is generally played on field with the main playing surface being called a ‘pitch’. (For details and dimensions of the pitch, wickets and creases, click the tab 'Playing Surface' on the right).

Team A will bat first and try to score as many runs as possible while the second team, team B, will bowl and field to make it as hard as possible for the batting team (A) to score these runs and to get them ‘out’ . Once team A are all out or otherwise their batting is determined closed as per the laws, the teams then swap over. So team B will bat to try and beat the score (number of runs scored) set by team A. Team A will bowl and field and try and restrict Team B from beating their score / getting them ‘all out’ before they do.

Cricket is a game for all - adults, young people, children, men and women, girls and boys. They play cricket all over the world - on the street, on the beach, in the local park, wherever they can find a place to play. Above all they have fun doing so!

Main aspects of playing the game

Thus, broadly summarized, there are 6 key elements of cricket:

  • Batting
  • Bowling
  • Fielding
  • Catching
  • Wicket Keeping
  • Scoring runs

Thanks to our cricketing friends in America, we can bring a good introductory compilation of the key aspects of the game through some video footage.

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