About us

About us

Cricket took a formal shape in Romania around 2006 when the Transylvania Cricket Club (TCC) was formed in Bucharest by three eager cricket loving expatriates made up of two Englishmen and an Australian.

In the meantime, spurred by his achievements in promoting basketball and setting up a highly successful IT company, Gabriel Marin was greatly enthused by the game of cricket when he was introduced to it by his son who was studying in England some years ago.

Gabriel Marin’s motto if he were to coin one, is “there is no room for second place” and he builds businesses and enterprises based on a platform of performance, honesty and non compromise – all attributes he says that can be found in abundance in the game of cricket.

Given the smattering of clubs and cricket enthusiasts developing around Romania, it was felt that an over all body that would manage and develop the game of cricket was needed and to take cricket in Romania into the international arena in the decade ahead. In a collective agreement with the cricket enthusiast in Romania, it was agreed to set up Consiliul Roman de Cricket – or ‘Cricket Romania’ in June 2009 under Marin’s stewardship.

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