One of the key functions of Cricket Romania is to introduce a formal coaching programme across the breadth of cricketing activity in Romania over the next couple of years Broadly, the coaching programmes will cover the following areas.

  • Under the ‘Willow Initiative’, one of the programmes will be ‘Coaching the Coach’. This will be directed at the schools where a coach appointed by Cricket Romania will coach identified teachers/staff in schools who in turn will coach and train children in the fundamental physical attributes of the game and also introduce Kwik Cricket programmes to be set up as a regular sporting activity in the schools.
  • For professional coaches under a ‘young potential cricketers’ programme to identify children with talent to attend ‘summer/ winter camps’.
  • Developing a specific coaching programme to introduce Women’s cricket in Romania.
  • Through periodic workshops, coaching programmes will be available to members of subscribing clubs.
  • Development of a full fledged Academy – The Centre for Cricket Excellence – designed for local and overseas participants who could attend a variety of course at various levels and to learn and develop specific aspects of their game.

As and when these programmes are made available, information will be posted in this section of the website. In the meantime for any specific coaching requirements, please complete and send the form below.

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