Balkan Cup 2022

Balkan Cup 2022 – Seniors

Romania, Greece, Serbia.

Last weekend, the Romanian Cricket Federation was delighted to host the first women’s Balkan Cup in Romania. Competing with Greece and Serbia

Greece won the tournament after a full team effort by Greece in the Balkan Cup final against Romania.

We sincerely thank Greece and Serbia for their effort to make this event a success.

Romania’s women’s national team was made up of six girls from Oina ( Acs Galicea Mare , CSM Ramnicu Sarat , UNEFS), 6 girls from the Moara Vlasiei Cricket Academy, and four from the local ex-pat community.

It was the second major international women’s event of 2022 in Romania, and all the matches were international.

Romania’s team captain, @TAG, was the MVP of the tournament and also the top scorer and the first woman to score 100 points in Romania.

We look forward to many more similar events.

Hellenic Cricket Federation

Serbian Cricket Federation



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